Potential of Pattern

“York Printmakers member Russell Hughes has a series of prints included in the ‘Potential of Pattern’ exhibition at Sunny Bank Mills, Farsley, Leeds. The exhibition runs until 15 November.

The exhibition explores pattern through the diverse work of artists and makers working in ceramic, textile, sculpture, drawing, painting, and print.


“Pattern: the underlying arrangement used to organise a surface or structure in a consistent, regular manner. This can be by the repetition of a shape, form, colour, rule or sequence. Exploring this theme, the artists and makers in this exhibition all uniquely reference pattern in their work, whether through process, inspiration or form.

Pattern, and its repetitive, often symmetrical nature, is an integral part of everyday life. We regularly crave order and repetition, and pattern embodies this part of our visual experience. As a fundamental part of our society, it naturally provides a rich source material for artists and makers alike.

In considering the notion of pattern, we explored ideas including; geometry, mathematical sequences, dress patterns, textile design, organisation and routine, weaving structures, digital coding and beyond.

Featuring work by Vanessa Plews, Russell Hughes, Henry Gonnet, Mark Milnes, Dominic Hopkinson, Frances Priest, Charlotte Morrison, Nicola Christoforou, Nicky Cash, Jenny Haynes Pappersaxsten, Nick James Furniture, Dalia James, Jacqueline James, Caron Penney and Millie Rothera.” (Sunny Bank Mills website).

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