Adrienne French

Adrienne is a York based artist , primarily a painter of landscapes observed ,sketched and remembered from times spent  travelling  abroad and around the UK. She specialised in painting in her final year studying as a mature student for a  B.A (Hons) Art &Design  and this is where she developed her  love of print whilst doing a module of  printmaking under Peter Wray during this time  at York (St.John) University

She fell in love with  the sense of adventure and exploration found with the  medium of print and enjoys spending time experimenting with  Collagraph, Lino, Monoprint and  Drypoint often mixing any of  the four  techniques in one piece.

Adrienne’s paintings depict a variety of colours and textures, ,elements that she carries over into her printmaking practice.

Inspiration  comes from the world around her ,sometimes reflecting her personal experiences or memories or sometimes from observation of  nature seen either in her own garden or whilst out walking. She will often start with only a vague idea  of what the finished piece might  look like but through  markmaking and experimentation will end up with a piece that is multi layered and sometimes abstract

Adrienne’s work can be viewed by appointment at her home studio in Heworth or on her website

Or connect with Adrienne via Facebook or Instagram