Andrea Mapplebeck

Andrea was born in York and still lives here now. You could say printing is in her blood, as both her Father and Grandfather worked for many years on the Yorkshire Evening Press (as it was then).

Andrea loves animals, especially mammals and birds, and if she is not out photographing wildlife, then she is drawing, cutting, inking and making prints of them.  Each Lino print is individually hand painted to make them unique in their own way.

Andrea lives with humans and several Maine Coon cats, and one day whilst printing, one of her most curious cats decided to walk across her inked up plate and then proceeded to walk all over the house! Having produced a cocktail of cleaning products to get her footprints off all the places she had run, it was at this point, the name inky footprints was born, thanks Peppermint!!

Andrea hopes the animals that have been significant to her in her life can add joy to yours. Andrea also does commissions.



Email me on or call me on 07950 018391.

Andrea Mapplebeck