Gill Douglas

Gill’s background is Theatre Design. 1n 1989 she combined this with Painting and by 1998 she was Painting full-time, exhibiting regularly.  In 2005 she went back to college for five years, qualifying with two Diplomas in Printmaking.  For the last fifteen years she has worked as both an Artist and Printmaker from the ‘Lighthouse’, her studio and home, high above the bustling streets in Petergate in the heart of York.

The discipline of Theatre Design has given Gill a flexible approach to her work.  Years spent looking for the right mood, interpretation, style and concept behind the writing of a play, has enabled a freedom to change and push the boundaries.  Always moving on and seeking for the best style and medium with which to express her ideas, has resulted in a diverse mix of styles.  Her early print influences were Norman Ackroyd and Brenda Harthill.  She works in a number of intaglio and relief processes, including etching, lino and the occasional collagraph. 

A large portion of her work is driven by her passion for the sea and the coast, her love of islands in particular, creation and The Creator.  She works mostly from sketches, having filled around fifteen sketch books over the years.  Records of trips to the islands off the west coast of Scotland, her native Northumberland and the Yorkshire Dales and Coast.

Contact Details:

Tel: 019004 634423

Instagram: douglas.gill