Jo’s imagery aims to capture the beauty and surprise of the natural world and is her response to chance encounters with birdlife in its chosen environment. The choice of colours, textures and compositions are her response to the experience and memory of that particular moment.

All her work is created using hand crafted stencils made from linear drawings, the quality of line in these drawings being vital to the character of the final stencil. Her interest in printmaking and in particular screen-printing, has led to the use of stencils to create images.

Once she has created the stencils she uses a spray or stippling technique to print the stencils over painted, textural backgrounds.  The graphic stencils combined with layered use of paint echo the many and varied surfaces and textures found in both the natural world and in more urban areas. Once made, the stenciled image can be recreated or ‘reprinted’ in a variety of ways, allowing her to develop the image further.

You see more of her work, short videos of her creative processes, or contact her here: