Judith Pollock

Judith discovered the joy of printmaking during an enforced absence from work after major back surgery in 2008.  She attended a collagraph & etching course at the HandPrint Studio run by Peter Wray & Judy Collins and was totally hooked.  She has a very experimental approach to printmaking and enjoys exploring many different techniques but her main loves are collagraphs & non-toxic etching.

The printing plates Judith creates are not always very robust and by choice she will only pull a small number of prints from each one.  Inking a plate is not an exact science so each print will be unique even when aiming to be consistent.  Judith however enjoys deliberately varying the inking technique used for each print.

Whilst usually printing onto paper she has also recently embarked on printing onto fabric & plaster of paris.  Judith’s interest in mixed media work has led her to experiment with cutting up & collaging prints onto paper & canvas. Used plates can also become artworks in their own right – e.g. used printing plates are mounted onto roofing slate.

Judith currently exhibits regularly with York Printmakers and also East Riding Artists.  She also has artwork included in the 2021 Earth Pathways Diary.  Her husband Colin Pollock is also an artist and the two of them participate in Open Studio events.

More of examples of Judith’s work and techniques used can be seen on her website www.judithpollock.com  and at www.facebook.com/judithpollockartist

Judith Pollock