Michelle Hughes

Michelle Hughes is a printmaker and designer. She creates linocut prints, inspired by nature and the great British countryside. Much of her work depicts the Yorkshire landscape and Yorkshire coast, including the Yorkshire Dales and North York Moors.

Michelle’s inspiration focuses on landscapes and nature. She enjoys walking and cycling as a way to explore and capture the essence of a place. She uses photography to document her journeys and provide reference back in the studio. Her linocut prints often feature trees and pathways, luring you to walk through the landscape. 

Each design is created using the multi-block linocut method. The designs are hand-carved into lino blocks, one for each colour to be printed. She uses oil-based inks and an etching press to hand-print each of the editions. 

Michelle teaches workshops in her York studio and linocut courses online.

Her website has original linocut prints for sale and blogs explaining how each of her prints are made. 


Instagram www.instagram.com/michellehughesdesign 

Facebook www.facebook.com/michellehughesdesign

Twitter @design_york

Michelle Hughes