Russell Hughes

Russell is an artist and printmaker based near York.

His work is inspired by the spaces we find all around us – their visual characteristics, our experience of them, and what they tell us about the societies in which we live. Projects are often developed by creating small datasets, based for example on walking or measurement.

Russell’s recent work includes exploration of access to urban public space through recording multiple walks during public events, responding to the disruption in access to the space.

Current work explores spatial connections between our daily lives and global issues. Local, familiar spaces such as road systems, petrol stations and car showrooms are intrinsic parts of daily life but also strong signifiers of fossil fuel use and climate change.

Russell works in both printmaking and 3D using ready-made objects and non-traditional materials. Printmaking allows him to develop a visual language of strong patterns, colours and textures, and includes collagraphs, monoprints and screenprints.

Russell graduated from Leeds Arts University in 2018 with an MA in Creative Practice. He has exhibited in University and independent exhibitions.

Instagram @russellhughesart