Shaun Wyatt

I’m Shaun a self-taught printmaker from York living in the Fulford area. My journey into printmaking took off during my third year at Derby University when a friend persuaded me to get back into printing.  Linocut is my main medium giving me an alternative way of making my artwork.

I take inspiration for my linoprints from everyday surroundings and objects. I  focus on people and animals such as pets and other wildlife. David Attenborough’s documentaries and books are also a good starting point for my imagery.  Other linocut artists also inspire me. I aim to capture the emotions, mood and personality within my subject matter

I draw from photographs I have taken and transfer my design onto the lino block.  Once cut, I’m ready to print! I print my linocuts in my kitchen using small X-cut press or hand burnishing using the back of a wooden spoon.

I find lino printing quite therapeutic and enjoy the feel of not knowing what your print may look like once printed. Peeling the paper off the block is very satisfying. My style is very intricate as I tend to make loads of lines within the animal’s coats, printing on different papers or adding a background colour to my Lino print bringing it more to life. I do commissions of pets and portraits and have participated in Autumn Exhibition with the support of York Printmakers to showcase my work. It has encouraged me to push my boundaries and grow as an artist.